S. Miguel Island

theme tours - S. MIGUEL ISLAND

Route 1

Ponta Delgada – Vista do Rei – Sete Cidades; Distance 27 kms/16 miles; highlights (Cumeeiras – lagoas azul, verde, de São Tiago, do Carvão e Empadadas)

Route 2

Sete Cidades – Termas da Ferraria – Rabo de Peixe; Distance 52 Kms/32 miles; highlights(Termas da Ferraria – zona balnear dos Poços de São Vicente)

Route 3

Rabo de Peixe – Ribeira Grande – Barrosa(Lagoa do Fogo) – Lagoa – Rabo de Peixe; Distance 41Kms/25 miles; highlights (Cidade da Ribeira Grande – Caldeira Velha – Lagoa do Fogo)

Route 4

Rabo de Peixe – Nordeste; distance 53 Kms/32 miles; highlights (Plantação de chá na Gorreana – Caldeirões – Farol da Ponta do Arnel)

Route 5

Nordeste – Tronqueira – Furnas-, distance 40/24 miles; highlights (Tronqueira – Vila da Povoação – Parque Terra Nostra – Poça da Dona Beija)

Route 6

Furnas – Ponta Delgada; distance 47 Kms/29 miles; highlights (Caldeiras – Lagoa das Furnas – Vila Franca do Campo – Praias de Água d’Alto)

Around S. Miguel island

With this travel plan, you will be able to go around the island stopping at the most beautiful places. You will get the road maps containing all the information required: the six stages; the iconic landscapes and belvederes; where to eat and stay. We have a partnership with local lodging (campsites and sustainable tourism).


Custom made

You can suggest your top priority places to visit, the number of days you are going to stay or the number of Kms/miles you would like to ride per day. After gathering the available information, we will make a travel plan proposal. We will take all the information into account in order to provide the best possible journey. For instance, if you have three days to visit the island, we will put forward a travel plan according to your wishes and profile.