About us

About us

We are three young adults who like to meet new people and places, explore and enjoy Nature using an ecological and fun form of transport. With the bike as a partner we aim to welcome those who visit us and use our services. We are a small organization and we strive to treat everyone as a friend. We will do our best to make your stay and the cycling activity an unforgettable experience.


Pedro is 47 years old and is an English teacher. He loves music and cycling. He likes cycle touring and commutes on his bike together with his two sons Guilherme and Lucas. He has toured the Portuguese St James way, Hollande and Ireland. He tours with the family.


Sérgio is 37 years old and is a Physical Education teacher. He likes to travel around the world (he has been to 38 countries). Whenever possible, he rents a bike and rides into new cultures! He has cycle toured Iceland, Slovenia, Austria, Spain, Finland and Portugal. Whenever he leaves, Sérgio likes to ride in full autonomy. Together with Ana, they have already lodged around 100 people through hospitality clubs.