27 Aug

Interview with Christian Erregger


Christian is a cook, an artist, a cycle traveller, a Nature lover and a hiker.

Because he has a unique way of life, the envy of many, we decided to make this interview with the intention of knowing who he is, where he comes from and why he is here.

We’ve already introduced here ( the fantastic story of Christian Erregger. We had the chance to interview him and heard him in first hand.

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Q: Christian, tell us a little bit about you.

A: I was born 1977 in Graz, south of Austria. After my compulsory 9 years of school I did a chef training to become a professional chef.

With 19 I joined the Austrian Army for UN-Peace mission, one year in Bosnia, one year in Cyprus and another year in Kosovo. After that I went to Asia and spent 10 years, working, intensive traveling and hiking all over Asia. In 2012 I bought my bike, cycled in West Africa, Europe, USA, Mexico and Central America.

Q: What makes traveling on a bicycle so special for you?

A: It is the freedom that I experience. To wake up before sunrise, lite a fire, cook tea and breakfast, pack my stuff and start riding into a new day. Without knowing what it’s gonna bring, who I’m gonna meet or where I’m gonna sleep. Going slowly through the world, learning about the people, their culture and the natural beauty of our planet. And this with a minimal impact, a simple and free life on 2 wheels!

Q: How do you finance your travels?

A: This question is often asked to me. I still have some savings from my time as a UN-Soldier. And from time to time I go back to Austria to work for a winter or summer season in the tourist business. But the secret is how you spend your money. I only drink water and tea, mostly eat vegetables, fruits and grains, sometimes cheese, meat and fish (which I hunt or fish myself). Stay away from processed food, you would be surprised how cheap and healthy you can live. Transport is my bike of course and as often as possible I sleep in my tent. And like that, even with little money, you can travel the world.

Q: What are the most amazing places you cycled?

A: That´s hard to say, because everywhere I’ve been was special. Put to name a few, to cross the Sahara desert on my bike, the mid West of The USA (Utah, Arizona) and Baja California in Mexico were certainly very special.

Q: What would you recommend to someone who wants to travel by bike?

A: Take your time, it´s not a race. It´s not about how many places you have been or how fast you are. Be a wanderer on 2 wheels. When you like a place stay longer. Don´t plan to much, be open for everything that will happen on your way!

Q: What about the wheight?

A: Well that depends on how much luxury you want. The art is to find a balance, but for sure less is better than to much!

Q: How did you come to the Azores?

A: In Rio Dulce (Guatemala) I joined a crew of a sailboat, as a chef, which sailed from the Caribbean to Spain. I put my bicycle on the boat and sailed to Bermuda and from there to the Azores, I liked it so much that I decided to stay here and explore all the islands.

Q: Christian, What is the best trip?

A: The next one!


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In South Korea



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Hiking in Pakistan


In Utah, The United States.


Christian’s bicycle in Mexico, during his last trip.


In the port of Faial, Shortly after arriving in the Azores.


Nap time in Flores Island, Azores.


Christian’s house somewhere in The Azores.

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