5 Apr

But when, exactly?



S – Hey Pedro, we must be celebrating our first anniversary any day now, or have we already done it?

P – Man, the website went online last March, but we started working at the end of 2015.

S – So we’ve been on the market for at least a year.

P: But when, exactly?

S – I do not know for sure, but it can be in early spring. It looks like a very Green date.

P – Cool. We cannot let the date go by.

I call Gil and tell him about the conversation with Pedro. He answers:

G – I’m in! We have to celebrate it our way! How about doing something ecologic? It’s what we do best!

On March 26th, a dozen people gathered to celebrate the 1st Greenbiker anniversary and to do something in favour of Nature: alert people to the pollution of our coastal area.

The plan was to gather some people on a bike ride and make a garbage collection stop, near one of the most frequented bathing areas during summer. After, we would finished the ride and enjoy a picnic.

The activity was at risk due to the weather forecast, but the strong will to do it and the excitement of Guilherme and Lucas (5 and 2 year old kids) made us leave the house on this cloudy Saturday. Wrapped in some waterproof jackets and sitting on our bicycles, we rode along the south coast of São Miguel Island. We stopped by Milícias beach where we collected the rubbish we found. Some passers-by and tourists, after satisfying their curiosity, joined the noble cause. In an hour or so we collected about 10kg of garbage.

Later we went to Pópulo beach where we had a picnic and sang happy birthday to GreenBiker on his first birthday. Still very young but already carrying many stories to tell.


Below you can see some pictures of this event.


The little Guilherme and Lucas were inside the trailer for children


Cycle Touring


Almost arriving to Milícias Beach


Some curious passers-by with the activity


Guilherme and Lucas with 5 and 2 years respectively also helped in the garbage collection


Gilberto just found something valuable? No, it’s just a bit of plastic with a different shape

10 kglixo

Purpose accomplished! We collect about 10kg of trash!


GreenBiker’s 1st birthday cake


Picnic Lunch



This slice of cake is yours. You’ve made everything happen throughout this year. Thank you!

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